Corrosion Test and Investigation

Corrosion is the destruction or deterioration of a material because of reaction with its environment. Corrosion is the most common and costly failure mode impacting engineered and structural materials, yet it tends to be accepted as inevitable precisely because it is so pervasive. Metallurgical Testing Lab Services provide experienced corrosion analysis and prevention to your company’s cost saving arsenal of resources. These include:

  • Root cause analysis of corrosion failures and cost effective prevention
  • Identification of corrosion causing contaminants AND their source.
  • Corrosion testing of alloys, plating, coatings and surface treatments to determine effectiveness in a comprehensive range of service environment.

MTS provides corrosion analyses to a comprehensive range of industries. Our analyses identify the cause and type of failure and, most critically, we provide practical cost-effective options manufacturing process or design to prevent future failures.

  • Pitting and Crevice Corrosion in accordance to ASTM G 48 A and C and ASTM A 923 method C.
  • Intergranular Corrosion in accordance to ASTM A262( Practice A,B,C,E) and ASTM G28 A
  • MTS also makes supporting test services in evaluation of corrosion tested specimens tested in accordance to NACE 0284, HIC test and NACE 0177, SSCC/SOHIC tests.

MTS-India Corrosion Testing Lab Services

Corrosion is a natural process. Material decomposes when it interacts with environmental factors. The process can occur in any form and result in a wide range of material changes, from mechanical damage to physical properties to changes in appearance. This metal degradation affects the structural integrity of the metal. Corrosion test lab report plays a major role in industries, helping to identify the potential weakness in materials. After metal corrosion analysis, use corrosion prevention methods. It involves many strategies and methods to diminish the destructive effects of corrosion on materials. By integrating the prevention methods, industries can significantly reduce the impact of corrosion. 

The main advantages of lab corrosion tests are to predict a material’s resistance to corrosion, consider material behavior under specific conditions and compare them to each other. It is essential to conduct a corrosion test on materials for a better understanding of how they will perform under stimulated service conditions and to ensure that they will reach their expected design life. As a leading industry expert, providing quality services through every stage of material selection. MTS-India is one of the best corrosion testing labs in Chennai. We also committed to SEM EDS Analysis, Microstructural Analysis, PMI testing, and heat treatment services. Understanding materials corrosion is a crucial stage in materials selection. We analyze and identify the cause and type of failure and provide a practical option to prevent future failure.

Benefits of our corrosion testing

The benefits of using corrosion testing laboratory services from MTS

    • Provide advanced technology, ensuring accurate and reliable corrosion testing results.
    • Corrosion testing lab with high capacity and quick response time.
    • Years of experience in corrosion analysis.
    • A team of experienced corrosion experts.
    • Years of experience in corrosion testing services.

The Corrosion test is a fundamental test for knowing and understanding the materials in order to perform other stimulated services. As one of the best corrosion testing laboratory services in Chennai, we are known for our excellent services. We accomplished corrosion tests in a time. Our primary aim is to provide high-quality lab services at a reasonable cost.

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