Failure Analysis & Material Investigation

Does your component keep failing and you don’t know why? MTS provides a thorough detailed investigation with root cause analysis.

Resource Secondment

Resource Secondment

Quality personnel are hard to come by. An innovative concept by MTS will ensure deputing quality metallurgists who meet your expectations.

corrosion test

Corrosion Test & Investigation

Corrosion is a dangerous and extremely costly problem. MTS specializes on corrosion failure, analysis of its properties and its severity.



The smallest things make a colossal impact on material characteristics. MTS allows you to observe the material properties at its atomic scale.


Microstructure Analysis

MTS allows you to examine the material at its microscopic level and also guide you if they will perform to its expectation.


Heat Treatment Consultancy

MTS specializes in providing expert views on heat treatment.


PMI Test

MTS helps you in identifying the material grade and segregating the material using the Positive Material Identification technique.



Knowledge gained must be shared. MTS provides training to your team and your suppliers on various fields of metallurgical concepts and fundamentals.

mechanical test

Mechanical Testing

Don’t Just Say It’s Strong: Let Us Prove It. MTS allows you to analyze whether the component meets its mechanical property standards


Supplier Evaluation Audits

Evaluating a new vendor? MTS will assist you in supplier evaluation focusing on their quality, time and cost deliverables.


In-Situ Metallography and Replica Extraction

MTS provides In-Situ Metallography services when metallurgical evaluation is to be done in field or in-service conditions / environment.

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