Resource Secondment

Resource Secondment is a new model devised by MTS. It is a model that helps customers employ efficient employee personnel to their industry who are in touch with MTS.


In this model, MTS will first evaluate the hiring requirements made by the industry. Based on the geographical region a suitable candidate will be selected. The selected candidate will undergo training based on the level of employment the candidate will undergo.


After the training, the candidate will be deployed. The candidate will

  • Well versed with the standards used by the industry
  • Follow a systematic workflow regime that is also employed in MTS
  • Perform Metallography
  • Perform failure Analysis
  • Perform corrosion tests
  • Send samples for testing and maintaining the reports
  • Attend fortnightly operations meetings at MTS office for Quality awareness
  • Coordinate with Supplier on Metallurgy & QC issues.


With this model, you will have a quality metallurgist employee and you will have MTS expertise at all times

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